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How do I imagine my dream vacation? I imagine it as a stay in a modern villa. On one side I am surrounded by nature and I have an intimate ambient for my dearest and me, and on the other side I am near all tourist locations and contents essential to modern and dynamic man. Blue Horizon villa is located at Makarska riviera, near Baška Voda.

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Villa contains 3 apartments and an additonal room to offer a complete comfort for 8 persons. Gallery with pictures offers a detailed description. 

Villa is located at olive plantation on the slopes of mountain Biokovo. This location offers a fantastic view of Dalmatian islands Brač and Hvar.


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A well known sand beaches of Brela and Baška Voda are just few minutes away. The vicinity of all popular places in Makarska riviera and Middle Dalmatia guarantees a variety of tourist attractions and cultural events.


A great time is guaranteed. After those beautiful experiences at some tourist locations I get back at beautiful and peaceful surrounding of villa. With the warm and mild wind of summer Maestral and the long view directed towards the place where the sea kisses the sky, silently and secretly I will wish to stay here forever....

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